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Rejuvenate Your Eyes with Eyelid Surgery

Published on August 7, 2018

Blepharoplasty, or an eyelid lift, is the process through which skin, fat, and muscle tissues are adjusted to rejuvenate the eyelids. There are two basic types of eyelid surgery:

Upper-Eyelid Surgery – Upper blepharoplasty involves making an incision in the natural crease between the eyebrow and the upper lid.

Lower-Eyelid Surgery – Lower blepharoplasty uses an incision below the lash line or on the inside of the eyelid. The latter method is called the transconjunctival approach, allowing for access to the eyelid without visible post-surgical marks. It is ideal for patients who specifically want to address eyelid puffiness.

Why Get Eyelid Surgery?

Excess skin, fat, and drooping muscle tissues in your eyelids can result in a heavy-looking eyelid, puffiness, fine wrinkles, and an aged look. Sagging eyelids can even restrict the field of vision.

Blepharoplasty can be functional or cosmetic:

Cosmetic blepharoplasty is performed to improve one’s appearance. Aging results in the weakening of muscles and stretched and sagging skin around the eyes. Puffy bags begin to appear under the lower eyelids. Cosmetic blepharoplasty addresses these issues, giving the patient a youthful and bright look.

Functional blepharoplasty is done to improve obstructed vision. Vision may get impaired due to the accumulation of loose skin in the upper eyelids, causing sagging.

The Procedure

Patients may need eyelid surgery for their upper eyelids, lower eyelids, or both. If both are being addressed, the upper eyelids are treated before the lower lids.

First, local anesthesia is administered to the eyelids, along with IV sedation. These allow the patient to be free of any pain or discomfort during the procedure.

Dr. Feng makes the necessary incisions and then begins to trim away excess drooping skin and tighten the remaining skin. Excess bulging fat is either removed or repositioned in order to maintain a natural appearance without hollowness. Sagging muscles are tightened or trimmed as needed.

At the end of the procedure, the incisions are closed with the help of fine medical stitches.

Eyelid-Surgery Aftercare

• Make sure that you have a ride home from a friend or family member after your eyelid surgery, since you will not be able to drive the day of the procedure.

• Rubbing your eyes should be avoided for around two weeks, since the eyelid tissues will be in a weakened state while they heal.

• Wear sunglasses and avoid direct sunlight for at least two to three weeks after the procedure. Sun protection is vital.

• Use a cold compress as directed to reduce swelling on your eyelids.

• Clean eyelids using the ointment/eye drops prescribed by Dr. Feng.

• Avoid washing your face with soap and shampooing your hair for a minimum of three days after the surgery.

• Avoid physically taxing activities like sports or heavy exercise for four weeks.

Recovery from the surgery can take from two to ten days, with the majority of healing occurring within two weeks.


Blepharoplasty is not suitable for pregnant or lactating women. It is not recommended for people with diabetes, thyroid, heart disease, and circulatory or immune disorders. It is safe for those who have good overall physical and mental health.

Make an Appointment for a Consultation

For more information regarding blepharoplasty surgery, contact the office of Dr. Lu-Jean Feng, a skilled board-certified plastic surgeon. You will be able to arrange an appointment for your consultation with Dr. Feng.

Patient Testimonials

  • “I believe she is the best in the country at what she does. Instantly I noticed my neck and shoulder pain was gone and I could breathe much better” – Crystal Hefner
  • "When it comes to explant surgery I think Dr. Feng is the best doctor in the world. She’s done more studies, she’s testified in trials, the whole spectrum of anything to do with explant surgery she’s done it.”
    - Yolanda Hadid (Foster), Real Housewives of Beverly Hills
  • “Every communication I had with their office was so professional, and they were so kind and accommodating.”
  • "Dr. Feng is not all about cosmetic surgery…she is about getting healthy and giving her patients the tools to stay that way!”
  • "Went from being overweight, to physically fit and ready for a marathon within 7 months of my surgery. You are in the best of care at her surgical center.”
  • "I was thrilled to have NO PAIN from my procedure! Almost 9 hours of surgery and I awoke with NO nausea, no pain. I was afraid after the nerve block wore off I would have pain…but NO!"
  • "She took a good long time talking with me and my husband, so if there was a time when I had to wait, I figured she was giving someone else her undivided attention…I felt totally taken care of"
  • "Dr. Feng is an expert in her field… [attended] Yale at 16… She has perfected the anesthesia so that nausea can be avoided and she uses nerve blocks to make sure that you aren’t in pain after the procedure"
  • "Dr. Feng removed my ruptured breast implants as well as the inflamed capsules and sent them to her pathologist, which was instrumental in getting my health insurer to cover the surgery, which she also appealed on my behalf"
  • "Words cannot begin to capture the gratitude that I would like to express to you right now. Without your talent, vision and perfectionism my breasts, my health and probably my outlook on life would have been very unhealthy"
  • "I am cured! Those were (my doctor’s) exact words…If it wasn’t for your kindness, your tremendous talent and of course your outstanding staff I would have never known what it feels like to have a normal life again"
  • "I get a comment from every doctor I see about my fabulous scar. I almost have nothing to be seen. Everyone thinks it looks awesome!"
  • "She explanted my 7 year old implants for me and gave me a lolipop lift. She is extremely talented. She made my breast look better than they did with implants"
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