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Do You Need Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy?

Published on February 22, 2018

Hormones regulate so many bodily functions that even slight irregularities can cause a lot of health problems. If the body requires certain hormones to be replaced, it is possible to do so now. One such treatment is bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Bioidentical hormones contain the same chemical formula that is present in natural hormones. The body therefore accepts the hormones without any problems. These are laboratory-made and are customized to work for various uses. They differ from synthetic hormones in structure and composition. Hormones can be replaced when necessary to treat or prevent specific health problems.

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, or BHRT, is a solution to replenish lost or reduced hormones in the body. The hormones most commonly replaced through BHRT are testosterone, estrogen, and progesterone. The therapy can be administered using pills, injections, creams, patches, or gels.

Uses and Benefits of BHRT

Women who are experiencing menopause can use BHRT to treat various painful and uncomfortable symptoms. During the perimenopause period also, the hormone levels begin to fluctuate and give rise to many symptoms that affect women during and after menopause. These symptoms can include night sweats, hot flashes, mood fluctuations, loss of sleep, vaginal dryness, loss of libido, changes in memory, dry skin, and fatigue. Bioidentical therapy can help women find relief from these symptoms.

When proper balance is restored to the hormone levels, women can not only rid themselves of painful symptoms but can also enjoy reduced risk of conditions such as cataracts and diabetes. BHRT can help minimize bone-density loss and prevent symptoms from worsening any further. BHRT can also be used to help cancer patients who experience reduced estrogen levels after certain treatments.


If you plan to undergo BHRT, consult with Dr. Lu-Jean Feng first. Dr. Feng is a board-certified plastic surgeon with years of experience. Hormonal health is very delicate, and any kind of change in hormone levels can pose health risks. Based on your symptoms and health needs, Dr. Feng can recommend a course of action using bioidentical hormones.

It is also imperative that you use only bioidentical hormones that have been FDA-approved. Many companies make bioidentical hormones that have not been tested sufficiently and may have unwanted side effects. These hormones without safety approvals are also available on the market.

Dr. Feng can recommend the proper treatment course and administer it correctly. She will start with a low dosage and will continue the treatment until your symptoms have disappeared. BHRT is not recommended for long-term use.

You will also need to come for monitoring sessions to evaluate the levels of hormones after the treatment begins. With any kind of hormone therapy, regular checkups and monitoring sessions are very essential. It is required for the purpose of checking the necessary dose and to keep tabs on your health.

BHRT is often used as a last resort when other treatments to ease the symptoms have failed or have not worked effectively.

Your Consultation

If you would like to arrange an informative bioidentical hormone replacement therapy consultation with Dr. Feng, contact our office and set up an appointment.

Patient Testimonials

  • “I believe she is the best in the country at what she does. Instantly I noticed my neck and shoulder pain was gone and I could breathe much better” – Crystal Hefner
  • "When it comes to explant surgery I think Dr. Feng is the best doctor in the world. She’s done more studies, she’s testified in trials, the whole spectrum of anything to do with explant surgery she’s done it.”
    - Yolanda Hadid (Foster), Real Housewives of Beverly Hills
  • “Every communication I had with their office was so professional, and they were so kind and accommodating.”
  • "Dr. Feng is not all about cosmetic surgery…she is about getting healthy and giving her patients the tools to stay that way!”
  • "Went from being overweight, to physically fit and ready for a marathon within 7 months of my surgery. You are in the best of care at her surgical center.”
  • "I was thrilled to have NO PAIN from my procedure! Almost 9 hours of surgery and I awoke with NO nausea, no pain. I was afraid after the nerve block wore off I would have pain…but NO!"
  • "She took a good long time talking with me and my husband, so if there was a time when I had to wait, I figured she was giving someone else her undivided attention…I felt totally taken care of"
  • "Dr. Feng is an expert in her field… [attended] Yale at 16… She has perfected the anesthesia so that nausea can be avoided and she uses nerve blocks to make sure that you aren’t in pain after the procedure"
  • "Dr. Feng removed my ruptured breast implants as well as the inflamed capsules and sent them to her pathologist, which was instrumental in getting my health insurer to cover the surgery, which she also appealed on my behalf"
  • "Words cannot begin to capture the gratitude that I would like to express to you right now. Without your talent, vision and perfectionism my breasts, my health and probably my outlook on life would have been very unhealthy"
  • "I am cured! Those were (my doctor’s) exact words…If it wasn’t for your kindness, your tremendous talent and of course your outstanding staff I would have never known what it feels like to have a normal life again"
  • "I get a comment from every doctor I see about my fabulous scar. I almost have nothing to be seen. Everyone thinks it looks awesome!"
  • "She explanted my 7 year old implants for me and gave me a lolipop lift. She is extremely talented. She made my breast look better than they did with implants"
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